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The return of items of good quality is possible if their presentation, seals, factory labels, tags, consumer properties, and a document confirming the purchase of the specified product are preserved.

Underwear including panties, bras, corsets, hosiery, bodywear and swimwear cannot be exchanged or returned for a refund.

Exchange/refund via the online store (remotely)

You can exchange or refund a purchase made online (remotely) within 7 days* of receiving the product.

Refunds are made after deducting the cost of delivery and return postage.

To apply for a refund:

— Within 7 days* after receiving the order, fill out the refund request form and attach it to the return package.

— Add the product names to the application for a refund. Pack your items in a factory bag or box.

— Send the parcel by any courier service to the address: 119454, Moscow, Prospekt Vernadskogo 12D, recipient IP «Bojgua D. V.», contact number +79651417070. The return postages fees are not compensated.

— Send us an email to: with a refund request, tracking number, and name of the courier provider.

— After receiving and checking the product in our warehouse, the funds transfer is carried out within 5 business days. So that we can process the payment correctly, please fill in your full payment details in the refund form.

— In some cases, the refund of non-cash funds can take up to 30 banking days, depending on the speed of processing operations by the Bank.

Exchange/refund in an offline store

The product purchased in the offline store can be returned to the same store within 14 days.
For a refund, you must provide a cash receipt and passport.

If payment was made with a bank card, you must present the same card that you paid with.

Return of an online order to an offline store

You can complete the return within 7 days* in the offline store after receiving an online order in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

To apply for a refund:

— if payment was completed via a bank transfer, the refund is made directly to the account from which the payment was made

— if the order was paid for in cash to the courier, the refund is made to the buyer's Bank account

Refunds are made after deducting the delivery costs.

Please note that the refund of non-cash funds can take up to 30 banking days, depending on the speed of processing operations by the Bank.

*In accordance with paragraph 21 of the decree Of the Government of the Russian Federation of 27.09.2007 N 612 ″On Approval of the Rules for the Sale of Goods by Remote Means"